Hello to our Summer 2020 Guests!

We hope you all are staying in good health and spirits through what has unfolded across the country and world with the coronavirus. There are some uncertainties right now, but hopefully this email shares our perspective a little. Our family wants you to know we are here for you! Our goal continues to be taking the best care of you that we can.

In the past month we have been attending Alaska tourism webinars regarding the coronavirus, having weekly company meetings, and talking with clients that have reached out to us. We truly appreciate everyone who has contacted us recently and their level headedness and optimism while discussing their upcoming visits. We have come up with a few important things to remember as we navigate through this new situation together.

Open communication with our client base is priority one.  We will be proactive in communicating with you as this situation develops. Right now Alaska is “hunkered down,” and as new updates become available or if trip details need to be modified we will let you know! If you want to email or call us to check in please do.  

Patience is key right now.  Many of your upcoming trips are still months away! This situation is dynamic and changing by the day, so it is important to remember that we have time to watch things play out before making any travel related decisions. Keep the future positive – you have an amazing trip to Alaska planned! We are looking forward to the 2020 summer season and cannot wait to {safely} sit around the campfire with new and returning guests.

Alaska, fishing, sightseeing, and enjoying the outdoors is good for the soul.  The Kenai Peninsula has so many pristine wide-open spaces. Over the past few weeks we have been reminded of the calming effects of this awesome place as we’ve practiced social distancing in the outdoors. Your upcoming trip is something to look forward to during these weird times, and Alaska will be a great place to spend time with your people when things are safe.

In our 18 years in the tourism industry, we’ve weathered floods and wildfires, but we never imagined that a global pandemic would have a potential effect on your trips. We believe there is much to look forward to, and we will all get through this together. We will continue to communicate with you as this situation evolves and forward to your upcoming stay with us while keeping you safe.


Andrea, Jeremy, Gavin, Tayla, and Remi