Soldotna Alaska Lodging & Cabin Rentals: Close to the world famous Kenai River

Each cabin has a full kitchen, full bathroom, and 1-2 bedrooms. Our cabins are comfortable and clean and provide you with the amenities of home. Our Soldotna Alaska Cabin rentals also include wireless internet, barbecue grills, a communal fire pit for everyone to enjoy, fish freezers, processing room to vacuum seal your fish (.50 cents/bag), and coin laundry.

The perfect Soldotna Alaska lodging option on the Kenai Peninsula

6 cabins nestled on 8.5 acres of old-growth forest
  • Located 3 hours south of Anchorage, centrally located in the Soldotna area.
  • Just minutes away from several public fishing locations on the Kenai River, and local stores and restaurants.


Why stay with us?
  • Nice, clean cabins
  • Our location
  • Our experience
  • Partners we work with
  • And more…

Cabin Rentals #1 – 7

All cabins are $195 plus tax per night based on double occupancy.

Each additional person is $25 per night

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Cabin Rental #1

Sleeps up to 5

Cabin #1 has 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. Each bedroom has 2 twin beds that can convert to king beds for couples. This is the perfect cabin rental for up to 4 people, however a rollaway bed can make it possible for a 5th person to stay in the cabin. The living room and kitchen are very spacious and have an open layout perfect for hanging out with your family or friends.

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Cabin Rental #2

Sleeps up to 5

Cabin #2 has 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. Each bedroom has 2 twin beds that can convert to king beds for couples. This is the perfect cabin rental for up to 4 people, however a rollaway bed can make it possible for a 5th person to stay in the cabin. The living room and kitchen are very spacious and have an open layout perfect for hanging out with your family or friends.

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Cabin Rental #3

Sleeps up to 6

Cabin #3 has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The bedroom is upstairs can accommodate up to 6 people in twin beds. The bathroom, kitchen, dining area, and living room are downstairs. There are entrances on both the first and second floors. This cabin rental is great for bigger groups that want to stay together in a very nice, yet rustic cabin at a great price as well as smaller groups or couples that want to have a little more space.

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Cabin Rental #4

Sleeps up to 5

Cabin #4 has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. This cabin rental accommodates up to 5 people. The bedroom on the first floor has a queen bed and is adjacent to the bathroom. The second bedroom is a loft upstairs, which has 3 twin beds. The loft sits above the kitchen, dining area, and sitting room. This is a great option for a couple, family, or a group of friends.

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Cabin Rental #5

Sleeps up to 5

Cabin #5 is called the bunkhouse. It has 2 twin bunk beds and a pull-out sleeper and can accommodate up to 5 people. The bunkhouse also has a full kitchen and 2 bathrooms. This cabin rental is a great option for people who are going to be playing hard outdoors and want a nice place to cook, hang out, and relax on the deck or under the carport.

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Cabin Rental #7

Sleeps up to 4

This A-frame is our newest cabin built in 2012 and typically accommodates 2-3 people. It has a sleeping loft bedroom that has a king bed and twin bed. We can convert into 3 twins easily. A rollaway bed can make it possible for a 4th person to stay in the cabin. Downstairs there is a full kitchen, bathroom, and spacious living room with a comfortable couch and chair. The big deck is the perfect place to soak in the sun and enjoy the quiet of our property. This cabin rental is perfect for couples and small groups.

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Why Not Make it a Package?

Book a travel package and let us do all the hard work for you.

We have a selection of pre-made packages available or we can work with you to customize an Alaska travel package that includes your Soldotna Alaska lodging, the fishing and sightseeing adventures you are looking for and that matches the specific pace you’d like to move at.

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How much does it cost to rent a cabin in Alaska?

When looking at Alaska cabin rentals you will see a huge variation in pricing from $100 per night up to several thousand per night depending on what you are looking for and what the owner of the property calls a cabin. Most of the cabins that a visitor to Alaska would think as the perfect Alaska cabin will be around $200-$300 per night. Most Alaska cabin rentals in this price range will have bedrooms, full kitchens, full bathrooms, living rooms, and wifi. At Silvertip Lodge, we also have a fish processing room w/ freezers, a huge fire pit area, plenty of parking, and coin laundry. If you want to turn a cabin rental into a fishing or sightseeing package we can do that as well!

Does Alaska have cabin rentals?

Yes, Alaska has cabins that range from tiny, dry (no water) cabins with a bed only to luxurious cabins that come with a butler. At Silvertip Lodge, our cabins are spacious, clean, and have all the amenities of a home. In our mind that is the perfect type of cabin rental when visiting Alaska. We want you to have the cabin life, but comfortably so you can enjoy your time when visiting us and not worry about your lodging at all.

What do Alaska cabin rentals include?

It really depends on what cabin you are going to rent. There is a huge spectrum of what is available in Alaska. Cabins like the forest service offer are dry cabins with a wood stove for heat. You pack in and pack out everything you need to stay there. Usually, there is a hike or walk involved in getting to the cabin. Other cabins are more like modern houses and have running water, heat, electricity, bathrooms, kitchens, and internet. Most people traveling on vacation to Alaska end up choosing a cabin rental that is comfortable and has most of the modern amenities as we have at Alaska Silvertip Lodge and Cabins.

What is Soldotna Alaska known for?

Soldotna Alaska is known for being one of the largest communities on the Kenai Peninsula, being centrally located on the Kenai Peninsula, having some of the best salmon fishing in Alaska, having nice weather during the summer months relative to other towns on the Kenai Peninsula, and having many non-fishing things to do in the area. Because of these reasons, most people choose Soldotna Alaska for cabin rentals when they are in our area. Cabin rentals in Soldotna allow you to be close to grocery stores, fishing trips, sightseeing tours, miles of hiking opportunities, and stunning views of mountains, volcanoes, rivers, and viewpoints. We highly recommend choosing a cabin rental in Soldotna while you are in Alaska.

What is it like living in Soldotna?

It is awesome living in Soldotna. We feel very fortunate that we are able to own and operate Silvertip Lodge and Cabins. Offering Soldotna Alaska cabin rentals allows our guests to enjoy the area in a variety of ways just as we do because of the central location. Within 2 hours in each direction, we can explore the entire Kenai Peninsula!

How many sockeyes can you keep on the Kenai River?

You are allowed to normally keep 3 sockeyes on the Kenai river per day per person. There is no annual limit, however, you do need to process your salmon each day so they are frozen and packaged. You are not allowed to have more than 6 in possession under regular rules. Sometimes they do increase the limit to 6 fish per person per day. There are a lot of Kenai River Cabins to choose from, but ours have a wonderful fish processing room with a top-end commercial vacuum sealer and plenty of freezer space for your daily limit of sockeye. We even have a scale to package your fish in fish boxes before you depart. Our cabins aren’t on the Kenai River, however, we are within 10 mins of 6 or more public fishing spots and very centrally located for all your Kenai Peninsula adventures.

Why is the Kenai so blue?

The Kenai river is so blue because of the fresh untouched water that is flowing from the glaciers of the Harding Ice Field. The snow and ice, mixed with rainwater, melt and flow into Kenai and Skilak Lakes. Then all the water flows into the river. With 89 miles, 2 lakes, and all the headwaters of smaller streams the Kenai river is a huge filter for clean, blue glacial water. Now it can change colors and does often depending on wind, weather, and mud. One of the reasons that Kenai River cabins are so popular is because of the beauty of its water!

What is the average cost of a fishing trip in Alaska?

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to plan your trip to the last frontier is to look at Alaska fishing cabin rentals and guided trips together. With an operation like ours where we have cabin rentals and an in-house guide service, it gives you the chance to have one-stop shopping. We are the owners of the fishing business and the cabin rentals, and most often we set up a fishing package that includes lodging. Pricing can range from $400- $4000 per person depending on what you want. Most people end up doing about a week and spending around $1,750 – $2,500 per person. You can also schedule a day trip with us for as low as $195 per person.

What month is the best time to fish in Alaska?

The best month to fish in Alaska depends on what you are looking for. Most years June 10th – Aug 20 fill the fastest because more people can travel on vacations then. Now there is excellent fishing before June 10 and all the way until late September but more families and groups have kids in school, job requirements, etc. When people start planning their trips Alaska fishing cabin rentals are the most important thing to consider because peak fishing times mean our cabins fill up to 8 months to 1.5 years in advance. If you want peak dates and have specific fishing goals you need to book your stay at our cabin rentals ahead of time. If your dates and goals are flexible then you should be able to find a good set of dates where our cabin rentals are available and matched when good fishing is available, which provides an awesome Alaska experience. We recommend if you are even thinking of Alaska give us a call to start seeing what is best for you as each month of the season has specific fish species that are peaking on specific dates. We can look at your overall goals, come up with a great plan for you, and help set up a cabin rental or Alaska fishing package.

How much is an Alaskan Fishing Charter?

An Alaskan Fishing charter can range in price. You can book a charter only for as low as $195 per person and then add an Alaska fishing cabin rental separately. OR you can book a fishing and lodging package with experts like us to help streamline the process of your fishing trip. With a lodge like ours there won’t be huge price differences in booking the items separately or together in a package. Because we own both the cabin rentals at Silvertip Lodge and the fishing business we can keep our prices reasonable and you know you are getting the owner as the operator. Those are two huge things when considering who to stay with for your Alaska fishing cabin rental.

What city in Alaska has the best fishing?

Soldotna is the city in Alaska that has the best opportunities for fishing and is the most centrally located on the Kenai Peninsula. You can do river fishing, ocean fishing, add sightseeing tours, and pick between a variety of Alaska fishing cabin rentals. Our lodge and cabins are 5 minutes from the town of Soldotna and very close to all the meeting points for guided fishing trips and sightseeing. You will find that between the 3-hour scenic drive from Anchorage to the accessibility of other Kenai Peninsula towns, Soldotna is the perfect location for you to spend time exploring, fishing, and finding different cabin rentals. We are happy to discuss this more with you as you start to get the layout of the land during your planning stages!

What is a public rental cabin in alaska?

Public-use rental cabins in Alaska are owned and managed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. They are often in more remote places and very simple cabins without water, kitchens, or mattresses. Whereas most other cabins like the ones we offer at Silvertip and other Alaska cabin rental options are all-inclusive with everything including linens to silverware.

How to reserve Alaska public use cabins?

If you wanted to look at renting an Alaska public-use cabin visit this site: They are typically more basic, dry cabins, cheaper, more remote, and booked online. Most people prefer a cabin that is similar to the Alaska cabin rentals that we offer at Silvertip Lodge in Soldotna.

Trip Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ” I’ve been fishing the Kenai for about 30 years, and have stayed in all different places over the years, never having a more pleasurable experience. The remote nature of their resort is amazing. Historically Fishing had always been my #1 priority, but my stay here was more relaxing and enjoyable than the more commercial accommodations found in Soldotna. Immaculate cabins and family environment made for a great stay. Looking forward to coming back in 2017.” See full review on Tripadvisor

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ” We have been to Silvertip Lodge & Cabins on three occasions now and highly recommend it to our friends and family. Andrea and Jeremy the owners are wonderful, the cabins are clean and are a perfect place to stay. The grounds are great for family or individuals who fish as well as having a firepit area for everyone to gather and enjoy their Alaska experiences. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!” See full review on Google

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ” Life is too short for bad experiences. Silver Tip cabins was the kind of place that makes life worth living — great accommodations, great folks, great surroundings for fishing, eating, history and sight seeing. This is a place to create memories and friends. No worries here, no problems here.” See full review on Tripadvisor

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