Alaska Travel Packages: Experience the Best Things to Do on the Kenai Peninsula

As you plan your Alaska vacation, we work with you to customize an Alaska travel package that includes your Kenai lodging, the fishing and sightseeing adventures you are looking for and that matches the specific pace you’d like to move at.


For package ingredients see the following pages: Cabin Rentals or Fishing Trips or Guided Adventures

2 Options
for Planning Your Alaska Travel Package

1. Custom Alaska Travel Packages
  • You pick the length of stay in our Soldotna cabins.
  • You pick things you want to do on the Kenai Peninsula.
  • You can add as many free days as you like.
  • We provide a high quality experience at an affordable price
2. Pre-made Alaska Travel Packages
  • We also have some pre-made travel packages that our guests have already built which could be perfect for you.

Pre-Made Alaska Travel Packages:

Enjoy one of our pre-made Alaska travel packages including lodging at our Soldotna cabins, with guided sightseeing and fishing options.

Alaska Travel Package #1

Classic Alaska Fishing Package

Our most popular travel package includes 5 nights lodging and 4 days fishing on the Kenai Peninsula. Package details / Book

Alaska Travel Package #2

Condensed Alaska Fishing Trip Package

Get a taste of fishing in Alaska with a shorter but fun packed package. It’s the perfect package if you’re limited on time or want a fishy addition to your other travel plans. Pick 2 days of guided – salmon, trout, or halibut. Package details / Book

Alaska Travel Package #3

Awesome Alaska – Kenai Sightseeing Package

Enjoy the adventurous side of Alaska with this guided sightseeing package. It’s all the best of the Kenai Peninsula – whale watching, glaciers, bears viewing, rafting or kayaking, and hiking! Package details / Book

Alaska Travel Package #4

Combo Alaska Fishing & Adventure Package

The Alaska Fishing & Adventure Travel Package offers a mix of guided fishing and sightseeing in a week long adventure exploring Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Package details / Book

Alaska Travel Package #5

Relaxed Alaska Adventure Package

For those who want a balance of adventure and leisurely exploring – this package is perfect for you! Balance out your 2 days of fishing and 1 day of guided sightseeing with 3 free days to see Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula at your own pace. Package details / Book

Alaska Travel Package #6

Ultimate Alaska Travel Package

The best of Southcentral Alaska. A package that takes you from Denali to Homer, with a stay in Girdwood along the way. Visit Denali State Park, The Chugach National Forest, Kenai Fjords National Park, and Kachemak Bay State Park. Package details / Book

Custom Alaska Travel Packages:

Build your own customized trip by selecting your desired fishing and sightseeing trips.


Traveling to Alaska and Our Lodge in Soldotna:

• Fly to Anchorage: You will need to book your flight into the Anchorage International Airport. Check travelocity or similar websites for best rates on flights. Talk to us about coordinating flight arrival and departure times with check-in and check-out times at lodge.

• Drive from Anchorage to Soldotna (Kenai): Rent a car in Anchorage and enjoy a scenic 3 hour drive south to our location. You’ll travel along Turnagan Arm, through the Chugach National Forest, alongside the Kenai River, and through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. The drive will actually be an unforgettable part of your trip.

• Fly from Anchorage to Kenai: If time is short or you don’t want to drive 3 hours from Anchorage, consider a flight from Anchorage to Kenai. This short 15 minute flight departs from Anchorage International Airport, and is reasonably priced. Rent a car once you arrive to Kenai and drive 15 minutes to our Soldotna lodge and cabins.

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What is the best month to go to Alaska?

The best month to visit the last frontier for any variety of Alaska vacation packages depends on what your goals are. When planning a trip to Alaska you want to make sure that your vacation package caters to what you want to do. For instance when working with us you will have the ability to pick or modify a premade package or build a custom package from scratch. We spend the time needed to make sure that your vacation is set up exactly how you want it to be and you know all the details of your package.

What is the best Alaska trip?

The best Alaska trip really depends on what your individual group goals are. Some people travel to Alaska to fish only, sightsee only, or do a combination of fishing and sightseeing. What you want to do determines when you should plan your visit to Alaska. Each fishing or sightseeing option has peak dates where you will have the best experience. Our job as trip planners at Alaska Silvertip Lodge and Cabins is to find out what your goals are and provide you with the best dates available for your trip. If you work with someone who has that mindset then the chances of you having a good trip are much better.

Which part of Alaska is best to visit?

Depending on what you want to do, the amount of time you have, and the amount of money you want to spend there are many parts of Alaska that may be best to visit. The Kenai Peninsula is a great option for people traveling to Alaska because it offers a premium outdoor experience and is located in close proximity to Anchorage, a major city with an international airport. You can rent a car and be on the Kenai Peninsula in 1 hour. There are more than a handful of state and national parks. The fishing and sightseeing adventures are world-class on the Kenai peninsula and it is known as Alaska’s Playground.

How many days is enough to visit Alaska?

When planning your trip, there are many Alaska vacation packages to choose from. It is important to first look at how much time you want to spend in Alaska and then build your travel days on each side. Travel is easy enough depending on how far you are coming from that an Alaska vacation package can be a long weekend or extended to several weeks. Most people end up spending 7-10 days with their total trip including travel dates.

Is Alaska a cheap place to vacation?

Alaska can be very affordable or expensive, relative to what you are willing to spend. When people are planning Alaska vacation packages they often see pricing all over the board depending on the outfitter. It is probably best to do your homework, build a budget, and then explore the options with Alaska lodges and vacation packages. We are in the middle of the road at Silvertip Lodge with pricing. We offer high-quality trips, have 20-plus years of experience, and offer fishing and lodging packages that most people coming to Alaska can afford.

How much does a week in Alaska cost?

When budgeting for a trip to Alaska with us you want to think about all the costs including flights, rental car, food, spending money, and the cost of your Alaska vacation package with us. We can build your vacation package to include free days, guided fishing trips, and guided sightseeing adventures. Prices for our packages range from around $400 (1 day/1 night) to $4,100 (12 nights and 11 days). Most people choose Alaska vacation packages in the $1,750 – $2,500 per person range, which gives them roughly a week with our lodge.

What’s the best time to visit Alaska?

The most common times to visit us and try one of our Alaska travel packages is June-September. We open operations by May 20 and close operations by early October annually. The reason most people visit us in the summer months is because the weather is nicer, fishing on the Kenai Peninsula is best, and all the tour operators are running guided trips.

When is the best time to plan a trip to Alaska?

When planning Alaska travel packages for your group you want to start the process 8-16 months in advance to get the best trips, dates, and lodging options. Many reputable lodges like ours start filling peak dates 1.5 years in advance. Often we have to call our repeat clients so they can still book their annual Alaska travel package with us before it fills with new clients. Now you can absolutely wait until you are a few months out to secure a travel package with us and other alike businesses, however, you will have to be a little more flexible on what is available. Simply the longer you wait to secure something the less there will be available, which then we say “this is what we can offer you” instead of “what would you like to do”.

How many days do you need in Alaska?

When people plan for Alaska travel packages they should give themselves 7-10 day for the trip plus travel days. Most people secure packages that are 5-7 days long and then it’s a day on each side for travel. We do have many guests who also book a 2-4 day travel package and turn their Alaska trip into a long weekend. Conversely, we have folks that spend two plus weeks up in Alaska. The initial conversations we have with our clients allows us to help them narrow down what travel package appropriate for them based on time available, things guests want to to, and money they want to spend.

How much does it cost to go to Alaska?

The cost of a trip to Alaska depends on what you are going to do and how long you are going to be in the last frontier. Our Alaska travel packages are very popular because once people set one up with us their only other costs are airfare, rental car, food, and spending money. Doing this type of package versus an all-inclusive package is going to be more cost-effective because when someone else takes care of your flights, rental car, and food you end up paying them to do that. Instead we direct you on where to find your flights and rental cars. You pick what you want to eat when and how much you want to spend on food (cabins have full kitchens, grocery stores, and restaurants nearby). Our Alaska travel packages average around $2,000 per person depending on what you are doing, how long you are staying, and how many people are in your group.

Is 10 days enough in Alaska?

10 days is the perfect amount of time to have a 7 day trip plus travel on each end to give yourself a killer Alaska trip. You can choose from a variety of our Alaska travel packages and have the 7 days in Alaska be entirely at our lodge and cabins or be at our property for part of that 7 days. When you call us to discuss a travel package in Alaska it’s our job to find out what your specific goals are and then we help you determine which travel package is right for you!

How much does it cost to go on a fishing trip in Alaska:?

When planning an Alaska fishing trip package you can plan on spending several thousand dollars on average for your trip. Typically it includes the guided fishing trips and lodging for the duration of your trip. We offer pre-made and custom Alaska fishing trip packages at Silvertip Lodge and Cabins. You can choose from a variety of river, ocean, and fly-in trips. We fish for salmon, trout, dolly varden, halibut, rockfish, ling cod, and grayling. At Silvertip Lodge, we prefer for you to be the driver in building your fishing package as we point you in the right direction for dates, trips, and flow.

Are guided fishing trips worth it?

Guided trips are 100% worth booking while you are visiting us in Alaska. There are definitely opportunities for the do-it-yourself folks that want to fish on their own, especially after they do a guided trip or two with a local professional. Our theory at Silvertip lodge is why not be in the game the whole time when you are in our area? Booking an Alaska fishing trip package with us allows you to do just that. Some people build free days into their stay with us so they can fish on their own and some people book trips each day of their fishing package with us. Both options are great options depending on your experience and desires.

How much does it cost to go halibut fishing in Alaska:?

When you book an Alaska fishing trip package with us you can spend a few days halibut fishing. The halibut fishing trips are similar in cost to river fishing or fly-out trips depending on which option you choose. Our partners in Deep Creek and Homer have different trips that vary in price, species, and length of the trip. A shorter 3/4 day type trip can be as low as $285 per day and a longer combo trip can be as much as $450 per person per day. So when we build your Alaska fishing package with us the final cost is determined by what you pick.

How much does it cost to go salmon fishing in Alaska?

Salmon fishing in Alaska costs anywhere from $195 for a half-day guided fishing seat to $425 for one person’s share of a 2 person private boat for a full day. When you look at any of the Alaska fishing trip packages available from us you can choose from a premade or custom fishing trip package. Building a custom package is probably the most popular, however, some of the premade packages we have fit your needs great! Our Alaska fishing trip packages include full-day trips unless you request half-day or 6-hour fishing, in which then the pricing is adjusted to reflect what trips you are actually doing. The river boats hold up to 4 people plus the guide. When you have a group of 4 you will end up paying the per-person price. When a river boat isn’t full you have the option to upgrade your fishing package to a private boat setting where you would just have your group in the boat plus the guide, in which then you would have a 2 or 3-person private boat.

Trip Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Our first trip to Alaska and we were so satisfied with the itinerary Jeremy planned for us. He is an excellent fishing guide, taking us salmon and trout fishing and enjoying the beautiful scenery and wildlife along the river. He arranged ocean halibut fishing and arranged a whale watching day trip, a stay a Girdwood and a river rafting trip. We had time to see the sights and then come back to Silvertip Cabins to relax. The cabins are provided with all the housekeeping amenities you could ask for. There are laundry facilities and a campfire ring to enjoy in the evenings. There is a fish house where we could process and freeze our fish.” See full review on Tripadvisor

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Silver Tip Lodge is a class act. Took my 15 y/o grandson and his friend on a week long Alaska fishing trip. We had everything we needed to fix our own meals, including our own bbq on the deck. Beds were comfortable and cabins were sparkling clean. Nothing funky here. They have everything needed to process your fish for shipping, and Jeremy was helpful and knowledgeable on the best ways to do it. Saved us a bunch of money. Very accommodating and nice folks.” See full review on Tripadvisor

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Silvertip cabins is nestled on 8 wooded acres just east of Soldotna, Alaska. Cabin 7, where I stayed this week has a King size bed, twin bed, and a pull out couch. The kitchen is spacious and has a full sized refrigerator and stove. The fish processing room next door is outstanding and allows you to save a bundle on fish processing fees. Jeremy also does fishing trips for Salmon and trophy Rainbow Trout on the Kenai river with his partner Nick. They can also arrange Halibut or Fly in fishing adventures thru their company Alaska Drift Away Fishing.” See full review on Tripadvisor

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