Guided Fishing Trips on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula

Come visit Alaska Silvertip Lodge and Cabins and experience why we love fishing on the Kenai Peninsula.

All of our fishing trips are with quality guides and outfitters who will give you a top of the line adventure.

Salmon, Trout, Halibut & Fly-In Fishing Trips

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  • Fish with Jeremy from Silvertip and our experienced partner guides
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Why Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula is Awesome?

Salmon Fishing Kenai & Kasilof Rivers

Catch chrome salmon fresh from the ocean that will put your angling skills to the test. We target 3 species of salmon during the summer season, and fish the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. Our guides are experienced fisherman and can teach you fly-fishin, spin casting, or trolling tecnhiques.

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Kenai River Trout Fishing

Just minutes from the lodge is a world-class trophy Rainbow Trout fishery – The Kenai River. The thrill of chasing these fish never gets old. Come see why we love targeting these big, native rainbow trout is so addicting.

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Halibut Fishing Kenai Peninsula

Another gem of the Kenai Peninsula is the access to halibut fishing. Our partner guides are fishy, funny, and know how to set your group up for a productive day on the water to catch those flat fish. It’s the best white fish meat around!

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Fly In Red Salmon (Sockeye)

Catch red salmon (sockeye) and see bears in the same trip! Come home with fillets of red salmon and bear pictures to prove you were in Alaska. This is a favorite trip for those new to salmon fishing and looking for a double adventure for the day.

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Homer Halibut / Combo Fishing

Are you ready for long day of hunting for trophy halibut, rockfish, or Salmon? Chad and his crew can show you the best multi-species fishing trips Homer has to offer.

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Fly In Silver Salmon (coho)

Flying in a floatplane to catch silver salmon (coho) is an experience that we recommend to everyone from late July thru end of August. The fishing is world class and the views on the way are just as nice!

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Why Kenai Peninsula Fishing is Awesome.


Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula offers amazing options in a centralized setting all accessible by the road system. We operate in Soldotna, the epicenter for a variety of quality fishing options.

Our local rivers, the Kenai and Kasilof rivers, have world class salmon and rainbow trout fishing minutes from our lodge. Fly in trips for salmon depart just a few miles from your cabin. Ocean fishing for halibut, rockfish, and salmon is only a short drive away.

We provide you a quality fishing experience with all the modern conveniences that our cabins and the town of Soldotna have to offer.

Fishing Seasons on the Kenai Peninsula

Guided Adventures & Day Trips on the Kenai

From May through mid-October you can find some of the best fishing in the world on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. The fishing for each species peaks at different times throughout the season to create months of continuous excellent fishing.


What should I pack for Alaska fishing?

When packing for Alaska there are some things that you are going to want to bring with you. These items include layers of clothing, rain gear, sunglasses, camera, medications, sun screen, mosquito repellent, cash, headlamp, knife, and other personal items. If you will be fishing on your own, you’ll want to pack your waders and a rod & reel setup. We highly recommend buying your flies, terminal tackle, and lures up here locally after you arrive so you can make sure to get what works up here. Try to pack it all in one bag for easy traveling.

How do I prepare my catch & get my Alaska salmon home?

You are going to want to get your salmon vacuum sealed and frozen soon after you catch it. You can do this on your own or take it to a processor. At Silvertip we have a vacuum sealing and freezer room that makes it quick, easy, and much less expensive than taking it to the processor. When it is time to go home you can have the processor ship it OR you can put it in a fish box and take it under the airplane for the cost of a baggage fee. The fish boxes have a styrofoam insulation insert with a cardboard shell and will keep the fish frozen for up to 30 hours. Local stores sell boxes to accommodate different weights of fish to comply with airline weight limits. We recommend packing it to 49lbs by the time you are done so you don’t have to open the box at the airport and reduce the weight.

Where can I fish for king salmon in Alaska?

You can fish for King Salmon in many places in Alaska. Some of the best places are the Kasilof River hatchery run in June, The Nushagak River from mid-June to early July, and in the ocean most months of the year. The Kenai River does hold the world record and can have some good days, but like most other places in Alaska, the King Salmon fishing has been hurting in recent years. Red Salmon and Silver Salmon are great alternatives and come into the rivers in healthy numbers. We fish the Kasilof River for the June Hatchery run of King Salmon and leave the native fish alone for the rest of the season. This is our way to try to do our part to help the native King Salmon population issue.

What is the best weight fly rod for Alaskan salmon?

A great all around fly rod for Alaskan red and silver salmon fishing is a 9 foot 9 weight. If you are king salmon fishing with a fly rod you need a larger, heavier rod like a 12 wt. You can use a single hand, switch, or spey rod.

What is the best weight fly rod for trout?

The best weight fly rod in Alaska for rainbow trout fishing is somewhere between a 5 wt and 8 wt depending on which location you are fishing, the size of the fish, and the water flow. If you were traveling to Alaska to fish for rainbow trout we recommend bringing a 5-6 wt fly rod as well as a 7-8 wt fly rod. Then you can use the appropriate rod depending the variables listed above.

Is the Kenai River open for fishing?

The Kenai River is open for fishing 12 months out of the year, but the openings for specific species vary by season. Each species is regulated individually. For instance, the rainbow trout fishery is open all year except for between May1-June 10 annually so the trout can spawn. Each salmon species is open at the beginning of the calendar year but they each have different closing dates. On the Kenai River, Red Salmon typically closes by August 20th, Silver Salmon closes by November 1st, and King Salmon will close by July 31st. If the Alaska Department of Fish and Game wants to change the open/closed season they can do so by emergency order.

Where does the Kenai River start and how long is the Kenai River?

The Kenai river watershed is vast & glacially fed by the Harding Ice Field & Snow River Watershed. It stretches 89 miles across the Kenai Peninsula from Kenai Lake to Cook Inlet, and passes through Skilak Lake in between.

Where is the best trout fishing in Alaska?

Some of the best rainbow trout in the world is in Alaska. The 2 best locations for this are the Kenai River & Western Alaska. In Western Alaska you can find rainbow trout with similar length as the monsters in the Kenai River but not with the same girth on a consistent basis. The Kenai River and Western Alaska have huge salmon runs but the Kenai has an additional food source which gives the trout a huge bump in their mid summer feeding cycle. Because of this the Kenai River rainbow trout have the biggest average girths in the state of Alaska and probably of any native rainbow trout species anywhere.

Where can I fly fish in Alaska?

You can fly fish anywhere in Alaska but some places are better than others. Some of the best fly fishing for salmon and rainbow trout is located on the Kenai Peninsula because of variety of different species and types of water you can fly fish in. You can fly fish small streams, big rivers, and lakes within a few hours of each other. Our advice is book the guided trips on the big rivers and explore the small streams and lakes on your own. At Silvertip we provide you with good options of places to fly fish on your own and get you setup up for the guided fly fishing trips that meets your needs.

What is the limit on red salmon in Alaska?

The limit on red salmon (sockeye) in Alaska varies from 2-6 fish per person per day depending on where you are fishing and if the Alaska Department of Fish and Game changes the daily limits. We guide on the Kenai and Kasilof and on these rivers the limit for sockeye is typically 3 per person per day. Once a enough fish have come into the river and we have reached our escapement, regulations could change (not always) to 6 fish per person per day. We never plan on the limit increasing to 6, but it is exciting when it does. At any point the Alaska Department of Fish and Game could change the fishery to catch and release if they choose to do so to protect the species because of lower numbers.

Where is the best salmon fishing in Alaska?

The best 2 places to fish for salmon in Alaska are Western Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula. Western Alaska is a an amazing fishery but very expensive and remote. The Kenai Peninsula is a world class roadside fishery a few hours south of Anchorage and is definitely more reasonably priced. The Kenai & Kasilof Rivers offer 4 species of salmon (red, silver, king, and pink) and the timing of the runs lasts the entire summer fishing season. Also, the Kenai and Kasilof rivers have some of the largest size of all 4 of these species of salmon.

What is the limit on silver salmon in Alaska?

The limit for silver salmon (coho) in Alaska varies by location. It is typically 2-3 fish per person per day. For example, on our fly out trips the limit is 3 silver salmon per person per day. The August limit on the Kenai River is 2 silvers per person per day. The September & October Kenai River limit is 3 silver salmon per person per day. On the guided ocean charters the limit can vary between 2-6 silver salmon per person. The river fishing is usually a little more consistent with catching throughout the season. At any point the Alaska Department of Fish and Game could change the fishery to catch and release if they choose to do so to protect the species because of lower numbers.

What time of year do the salmon run in Alaska?

Salmon start running up the rivers in Alaska by early May and can run through Early winter. The peak of salmon entering the rivers in Alaska is June – October. There are 5 species of salmon that enter specific rivers at specific times so it is very beneficial to have a guide to help you find and catch these salmon. Our guided trips are based off peak run times to give you the best chances at catching when you are here.

What is the season for coho salmon?

The season for Silver Salmon (coho) in Alaska can start as early as late July on one of our fly outs we offer and can run to the end of October on the Kenai River. On the Kenai River we start fishing for catchable numbers by August 10th and the season closes on November 1st with peak dates being Aug 15-25 & Sept 15-Oct 15. Our fly out peak dates for silver salmon are Aug 1-Aug 31st annually.

How big can a coho salmon get?

Silver Salmon (coho) are the second largest salmon we see in the Kenai River drainage. These fish average between 7-15 pounds with the occasional 18 plus pounder caught each year. There have been a few silver salmon in the Kenai River caught that exceeded 20 pounds.

What days can you fish for halibut in Alaska?

If you are going on a guided fishing trip for halibut on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, then the trip needs to be booked between Thursday and Monday. Tuesday and Wednesdays are closed to guided fishing. This is set by the International Pacific Halibut Commission. Some years they limit it to certain weeks out of the season and sometimes they say the whole season. When planning your halibut fishing trip, it is best to avoid the potential closed days. When we set your fishing schedule we make sure to book the trip on days that won’t be closed.

What is the limit for halibut in Alaska?

The current limit for halibut in our area of Alaska is 2 halibut per person per day, with an annual limit of 4 per season. One halibut can be any size and one halibut has to be under 28 inches. When people ask about this limit we tell them that the best eating halibut are the smaller ones and it is good to let the bigger breeders go. Halibut taste good up to about 60-70 lbs. Once they get bigger than that the meat can get mushy and grainy. It is smart to keep your “under” fish as soon as you catch it and then spend the remaining time catch and releasing until you find the 2nd fish you are happy with. A 20-40lb halibut is a great 2nd fish to keep. Your captain will be sure to let you know as time is running out and can help guide you on what “over” fish is a good choice for the day.

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"This was my 4th fishing trip to Alaska and it was by far the very best time I have had. I took my 15 year old and a good friend of mine. We stayed at the Alaska Silvertip Lodge and Cabins hosted most graciously by the owners Jeremy & Andrea. They were incredibly hospitable, friendly and just a great time to be around. The accommodations were above expectations as they were very clean and had everything we needed to make our vacation most enjoyable.!"

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"The operation is very professional. Andrea, owner of Silvertip, met us and walked us through our cabin and then reviewed our fishing schedule for the next day. The two-bedroom cabin was clean and comfortable, and the area is very quiet. We met Jeremy, fishing guide, husband of Andrea and owner of Silvertip, the next morning on the Kenai. Jeremy was excellent with the kids and was fully equipped with gear for us target multiple species of fish."

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"After a lot of research (Sportsman’s show, Internet, friends), I found Alaska Silvertip Lodge here on TripAdvisor. When I called in January with a long list of questions, Andrea was very patient and pleasant – ended up booking 4 nights in Cabin #7, and, through Silvertip, booked a halibut fishing trip on the Cook Inlet with J&J Smart Charters and a salmon/trout fishing trip on the Kenai River with Andrea’s husband Jeremy of Alaska Drift Away Fishing. We just returned from this trip, and my husband and I both agree that it was one of the best trips ever…and Silvertip was the highlight. "

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